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Long ago, tucked into the far reaches of the galaxy, was a tiny kingdom. It was a beautiful kingdom. There were rolling hills every where, deer frolicking in the meadows, and tall trees reaching to the heavens and providing many places for the birds to have their homes.

There was the loveliest little brook running through the meadow. It had its own particular sound.  And in some place it was so shallow you could walk across it and only be in ankle deep water. And, there were all kinds of wild flowers on either side. It was such a quiet place to just sit and dream.

Not far from here was the village of Happy; so named because every one was happy and treated each other really well. Different shops lined the main street on both sides. Coming in, you could always smell the best bread, cakes, candy and other things coming from the bakery.

On down was the dressmaker’s shop owned by Mrs. Bailey. She was the best dressmaker around. There was always a steady stream of ladies going in and out. Oh, there goes Mrs. Jones into the shop. I seem to remember hearing her say, she simply must have a new hat for the special Church service next Sunday. And Mrs. Peters’ daughter needs a new dress for the box social later on. Yes, Mrs. Bailey never wanted for something to do!

On the other end of Main Street, was the most magnificent sight. Situated on a hill was a beautiful castle; home of the King, Queen, and their daughter, the Princess. It was huge! And so beautiful! Usually Anne liked to be outside enjoying nature. The deer would come up and eat out of her hand. However, today was a cold, blistery day and she wanted to read. After a while, she noticed a picture of another princess that had a crown on her head. This set her to wondering why she didn’t have her crown. After all, she is a Princess.

After thinking on it for a while, she decided to ask the King and Queen about it. Both broke out into a big smile. The Queen told her it was a surprise and would be given to her and her birthday party a few weeks away. She said that she had been working on different aspects of the Ball for a while. Now she must get Anna to the Royal Dressmaker for her gown. Anna, tomorrow you go first thing to see Mrs. Penn. I’ve given her detailed instructions as to what she is to make. I must see to a few other things. Oh, it’s coming together beautifully!

That night, Anna had somewhat of a hard time sleeping. She was so excited it was difficult. When she was awake she wondered about her gown. What color? Would it have a bit of a train? Would she need a  fan with her? So many things. After a bit, she drifted off to sleep. Although was up early the next morning as was the entire castle.

The days simply flew by! Everyone up at the crack of dawn and into bed long after sundown. Anna was returning from her final fitting on her gown and bringing it to the Queen for her approval. It was a beautiful soft white; snow white. Long sleeves that ballooned at the shoulder and narrowed just above the elbow. And, yes, there was a train. There were loose folds in the front of the skirt that gathered at the waist making it an empire waist style gown. Most becoming!

At last, the night of the ball was here! The ladies were dressed in their beautiful and colorful gowns. The gentlemen whirled them around the dance floor with such grace. Anna had her turn dancing. She had no want for partners. Several young gentlemen danced with her.

The moment was here. Anna had a stomach full of butterflies!  However, when it was time, she took her place and knelt at a small table that was positioned in front of the King and Queen. The King slowly placed the crown on her head, then took her hand and helped her up. As she turned around, she was presented to everyone there. A few moments later, a young gentlemen came to ask her to dance. She recognized him from dancing with him earlier. They danced several dances together and then sat down and talked a while. Come to find out, he is royalty from another county not far away and would be coming to call on Anna! It was a magical night that neither one would ever forget.

Posted January 7, 2014 by Peaches

2 responses to “Princess Without A Crown

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  1. I’ve tried to ‘follow’ but it won’t take. I did enjoy your story and look forward to reading more.

    • Hello! My suggestion is to write to word press customer support and tell them the situation. Thank you for liking my stories. I have another one that I’m working on and should be done with it soon.

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