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What is this doing to the kids? It leaves a lot of younger ones in the hands of day care when relatives are not available. Sometimes this is good and other times not so good. And the effect it has on mom having to leave her children in someone else’s can and often times will effect how she does her job. And, why wouldn’t it? It’s hard to keep your mind on your work knowing you’ve got a sick kid. Are they taking their meds, resting enough, someone taking their temp and keep a close watch on them? Will they call me if they need me for something? All this really does a number on mom………..
The older, school age children are sometimes known as latch-key kids. They come home to an empty house where once, mom would be there to greet them, and now, no longer is. I still remember how I felt when my mother went to college so  she could help with bringing in the income. It felt so lonely and empty when I would get there. And, when she had to study for exams, I remember having to be extra quiet so she could concentrate.
If the kids are ok once they got home, will they not let strangers in, not use any appliances unsupervised? The list goes on and on adding to the stress both parents have. In essence, effecting their jobs.
If an emergency does happen, will the children know how to handle it? If an intruder tries to break in, will the kids manage to call the police? Get help? The older ones will. And thank heaven, some of the younger ones will. They need to be commended ed for their responsible actions. And yet, isn’t this putting a lot on their young shoulders?
Is it causing the kids to grow up to  soon and not be kids when they have all this? I don’t have the answer.. It just makes me question the issue. Because there’s a lot more pressure on kids now days than ever. Yes, it never hurts for anyone, young, old or in-between to know how to protect themselves. It’s just that in certain situations, it’s a lot harder for some than it is for others.
Today’s world effects everyone in so many different ways. We even have decisions to make now that we didn’t at one time. Such as the above. The kids have to grow up so much faster now. And do it with less supervision than before. To me, this so
unfair to them. Kids are smart. They see things for what they really are. And, they will bend over backwards to help dad and mom in any way they can. It just makes me wonder and worry about them growing up too fast and not being allowed to be children.
 I have more that is along these lines. Although, I really need to hear from you if you want me to send more.

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