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Long ago, at the far reaches of the galaxy, was the most beautiful magic forest. It was such a happy and friendly place.  All the animals helped each other. And the fairies! They are so tiny,  and magnificent creatures. Long, flowing hair, with  brightly colored ribbons to match their outfits. Their wings are fragile yet will propel them very quickly along. And, would sparkle in the sunlight.  Each one had the most adorable face, brightest eyes, and a smile that would tug at your heart.
Everyone lived in close proximity of each other. Squirrels lived downstairs in the trees and would store their nuts and winter supplies on the next level up. The fairies lived higher up toward the limbs in houses that are almost like the ones that the birds live in.  And the strangest thing, one evening Mr. and Mrs. Bird wanted an evening out. And while they were gone, Miss Squirrel would watch over the babies.  During the warm, summer months, each family would take turns having the neighborhood over for a backyard cook out.  The host and hostess would do the BBQing and each family would bring a salad, baked beans, etc. A most pleasant evening for all.
Listen! What’s that sound? It seems to be coming from over there. We’re getting closer! Of course! The children are playing in the creek! Oh my! Water splashing everywhere! The bear children and the squirrels and the rabbit children have their make-believe game going. So much fun for them!
 I hear a couple of Moms. Supper is ready! Come have your meal now!  Now, it’s a race among the children to see who can beat whom to have supper! After all that playing, I’m sure there will be hearty appetites.
Hey mom! I finished my bbq and salad. Can I please have some more? My Billy bear! You should slow down some and not eat so fast. It will make you sick. Yes, you can have some more. How are you girls doing? Goodness! You two act like you haven’t eaten all day! Anyone else want seconds? No, I’m saving room for ice cream! Me too! And, Me too! And me!
Now children, after all that you ate just now, you must sit and play quietly. AAWW, can’t we play a little more in the creek? No, guys, your supper won’t settle. I bet each one of you feels stuffed. Don’t you? Yeah,……… we do.
After just a little while…………..
Mom Rabbit saw some heads nodding.  We should put the children to bed now. They’ve all had a big day and will have another one tomorrow with the races..
Each one thanked the host and hostess, got their dishes and their children and started home..
Good Night Everyone……
Good Night…..

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