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Yesterday morning I went to get my eyes examined. Dr. had the most up-to-date equipment I have seen. He zeroed in on the fact that I see shadows and I also see double. Here lately I can’t make out the word my than I can. Well, as it turns out, my Medicare will pay for the exam part. Very good. However, while my 2nd insurance will pay for my frames and new glasses that will have prisms ground into the glass to help me to not see double, the only thing I can do is. I have to pay the Dr. in full, then I will get what I need to file for reimbursement. For someone on social security, this won’t happen cause the fixed income isn’t big enough.
At present, I think I have exhausted all possibilities or sources of help. Am waiting to hear on one. Although I have a feeling I won’t hear them. I do apologize for my mood. I just don’t see any taking responsibility for actions. here. Just justification of actions. The ones that need it the most, get the least. I’ve heard it said that Senior Citizens aren’t Senior Citizens. They are throw aways. I totally agree.

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