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I put another one on this afternoon however, I did something wrong. So I only have the one at the moment.
Good Night
I'm Grandma Peaches!

Hey! Grandma Peaches Here!

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Greetings Everyone! Yesterday afternoon, I stumbled onto an alternate way of publishing my work. It was really stressing me trying to learn formatting. So, I’m linking my pages to my blog at Kindle. Late yesterday afternoon
I put my 1st page on it and when I checked 1st thing this morning, it was published! I can put as many pages as I want per day and I will be paid when someone purchases or they can get a subscription. Well, gotta go, I need to
put some more page on. Then I must write some more!

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Good Evening everyone! GGGeeezzz! Once again I cannot keep my eyes open. I’ve been on here since this morning! I will catch y’all up in the morning.
For now,
Good Night

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Good Morning!
Until this morning when I got up, I see how rain could help our mood. Well, I do now. I opened the curtains and we had been getting a nice shower for a while. You see, we’ve been in an exceptional and severe drought for a few years, just like some other states. So any rain, no matter how much helps us.
And I’ve had some stressing things on my mind and that never helps anything. However, I’m learning to overcome them and not let them take over. I have always loved the rain.
Now, something silly and off the top of my head:
Rain, rain please don’t go away.
Stay right here the entire day.
We need you so for everything.
Fill all the ponds, rivers, and streams.

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Once upon a time, far, far away, was  The Land of Fairies. They lived in a beautiful forest with a stream running through the middle. There were all kinds of wild flowers on each side. This was a favorite spot for the fairies. Each day a small group of them would pick a few flowers and make them into a bouquet. Some times the flowers would decorate their houses.
Today, however, the group was  busy picking a special bunch.
Everyone was quiet as they picked their flowers. They were thinking about how they wanted to help their friend. When one felt bad, for whatever reason, all the others would gather around and give her support. Each little fairy knew the meaning of helping each other. Even the tiniest little fairy of them all knew that no one should be alone or without friends when something negative happened.
One day 3 were flying around having fun when something strange and unexpected happened. An intruder had somehow made it into their forest. The bad monster threw something and it hit one of the fairies and knocked her to the ground. As it turned out, it only stunned her momentarily. However, the whole thing gave all of them quite a scare. The intruder was taken away, and thrown out of Fairyland.
Meanwhile, all the other fairies were making sure their friend had everything she needed and could rest and get better. In several days time, she was up and flying with her friends again. The entire thing showed them to be aware of your surroundings. They were all close, however, this brought them even closer together.
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The Kingdom With A Heart, The Grand Ball   1 comment

The night of the Grand Ball was finally here. Everyone is so happy. And, it was quite an evening! The ladies in their colorful, floor length gowns and the gentlemen in all their finery, gracefully whirled their ladies around the floor.
And, Angela. What a beautiful sight she was; on the arm of her very handsome escort! As it turned out, he lived in the village and had been wanting to meet her! Needless to say, this was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Angela and her escort, Jim,. were asked to lead the first waltz!  It was a most memorable evening that no one would ever forget.
The kingdom with a heart…. Yes, that’s this kingdom.. When ever someone was in need, everyone was right there to help and lend a hand. What made it so special?…… Let us never forget, be kind, one to another…………

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The days flew by while Mrs. Bailey worked tirelessly on the gowns. She would start sewing at the break of dawn and still be at it when day was done. In the meantime, there was a steady stream of ladies hurrying in and out of her shop. And what a group it was! And the conversations…….. OH MY!!…….
One day, as the time for the ball was almost at hand, the ladies were doing final fittings on their gowns.. Mrs. Bailey
was finishing the lace at the bottom of Mrs. Jones gown; the wife of the constable.
At that very moment, they heard the door open. Someone had come in. Thinking it was one of their friends, they turned to say Good Morning. And what they saw was the most stunning young beauty. She had beautiful long blonde hair and the softest baby blue eyes; And the most beautiful smile that captured and kept your attention.
However, those captivating eyes had tears. Angela had come to see Mrs. Bailey in the hopes of getting a gown for the ball. This was a very special ball. You see, it was to be her very first ball. The gown Angela planned to wear was destroyed beyond repair. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she asked Mrs. Bailey about another gown. She wasn’t sure what to do.
Just then, one of the ladies came forward. “You know, I
have a gown that will do just fine. It’s light blue color will compliment your hair beautifully! Would you do me the honor of wearing it?”
And, another lady with all kinds of hair ribbons etc. said, “I will give you some bows and ribbons for your hair! And small brooch on a black ribbon to go about your neck!”
After that, a third woman stepped up and said, “I have a lovely, hand made shawl to put about your shoulders! And,
I also have a matching pair of gloves!”
The next few minutes, it was nothing but chatter, chatter, chatter in Mrs. Bailey’s shop! Everyone talking at once!
And what they were saying! OH MY! Just girl talk! Angela
had tears again! However, they were tears of happiness!
Everyone was so kind! She was completely outfitted for the ball!……….
The Grand Ball

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